John Taylor's photographic focus is architecture - spaces of people and human interaction. Some buildings are still in use, some in a state of desolation or demolition, others are in periods of transformation.

Taylor divides his work into two main categories, conceptual images which describe new ways of perceiving existing spaces and auto-biographical work which places personal experience into a highly symbolic context with surrealistic qualities.

Taylor has notable professional accomplishments working on assignment as an architectural photographer and also specializing in fine art photography for publication.

Born on Vancouver Island, Taylor majored in media studies and photography at Ryerson University, Toronto. He produced “The Open Gate” with Richard Bebout & Pierre Berton, a book to preserve Toronto Union Station, I972.

At Mt. Allison University, Taylor created the accredited BFA degree photography program and lectured 1975-77.

In 1979, the Contemporary Art Museum, Houston, shipped Taylor’s studio from Toronto and featured his solo exhibit, “Parameters of Space.”

Throughout his career, Taylor has inspired countless young photographers. He was guest artist at the University of Texas and Rice University. At Texas School for the Deaf, he introduced photography as a second language, “Signs & Symbols.”

Taylor represented the State of Texas at Washington Project for the Arts in Washington, DC.

“Texas Capitol Suite - Oculus” was selected by Van Daren Coke, director of photography at San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, for Houston’s International Fotofest.

Recipient of the Ingram Merrill Fellowship, Taylor’s “Great Domes of Italy” was purchased by the Canadian Museum of Contemporary Photography, Ottawa, as well as the University of Texas at Austin. This work was exhibited in Rome, Ottawa, Toronto, Surrey and Victoria. Currently he’s collaborating on a book proposal “Vaults of Heaven” with Patricia Bovey, FRSA, FCMA.

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